Statement on Racism

The Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Trust is deeply concerned by recent reports alleging multiple incidents of racist abuse at professional cricket clubs in England. We recognise the influential role that clubs like Yorkshire and Essex County Cricket Club play within the global cricket ecosystem.

As a Charity involved heavily in cricket, we understand that many of our supporters will be concerned, disappointed, and angered by these revelations, the example it sets to young cricketers around the world, and by the impotent response from many of the sport’s most influential personalities and institutions.

It is becoming clearer by the day that cricket in England faces a reckoning regarding racism, racist abuse, and widespread tolerance of toxic, discriminatory, and exclusionary behavior by some of its professional players and coaches, past and present.

We welcome the reports of ongoing investigations and the rightful resignation of those who have
failed to uphold their responsibilities.

In our continued collective fight against inequality in all its forms, it’s time to confront the inconvenient truth that simply reacting to incidents of discrimination will not create an inclusive, non-discriminatory culture within sport.

In cricket, and in sport more widely, we must recognise that equality is not just the absence of discrimination but the presence of values and systems that ensure fairness, access, and opportunity for all; no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your background might be.

We, at the Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Trust, implore all stakeholders involved in cricket to go beyond the usual surface-scratching investigations, resignations, and grandstanding policy reviews; and instead, look for meaningful ways for the sport at all levels to engage with, and live true to its stated values and ideals.