Chief Executive’s Review

If you said to me that we would only lose two sessions to weather all year I would have said no chance, to say the two sessions we did lose were due to it being too hot I would have called you barking mad!!

An unprecedented 40 degrees put our children at risk so we sadly had to cancel two days but that was how it was, but how brilliant that we could get everything else in.

A record 4,263 children engaged in our programmes this year which is a brilliant effort by all of those involved.

We had some young children who were enjoying their first trip outside of school since they began (due to Covid), and I am so pleased that we were able to accommodate a number of Ukrainian children who had arrived in our local schools. I am pleased that we could entertain them but sad for the reasons that they are here. I hope we were able to bring them some joy.

We had incredible support from our volunteers this year and to our team, Neil and Michael, a huge thank you because without you this would never happen.

We even had a new fundraising cycle ride between our five Belvoir Bees venues. Seven
brilliant volunteers supported the Trust’s team, 30 miles cycled, and 5 hours of cricket coaching were done and lots of money was raised so thank you all.

Thank you to all our funders, supporters, trustees, and volunteers, it has been exhausting but great fun.



Darren Bicknell – Chief Executive of the Belvoir Cricket & CountrysideTrust