Chief Executive’s Review

COVID-19 and a Bright Future

When we as a team sat down last autumn to review and plan our activities and ambitions for 2020 there was absolutely no way we could have imagined the chaos and turmoil that this year would bring. COVID-19 has had a massive effect on everyone’s lives and sadly for some it has had a devastating effect.

It was a hugely frustrating summer but with the support of our team we found a way of working within the Government restrictions to deliver our work.

It is well documented that the whole pandemic has had huge detrimental effects on children’s and parents’ mental and physical health we have seen this first-hand. The programmes we deliver have become even more important.

Our children are very resilient, have understood the situation and have adapted well to social distancing and it has been wonderful to receive so many letters of thanks, many of which will be shared in this year’s annual review, with parents and children saying how grateful they are that we tried to get them back to some sort of normality.

Our inability to fundraise as we normally would has meant we have had to dip into our reserves to fund our programmes. It is our belief that the children come first so we will redouble our efforts with the support of our
funders to ensure we generate enough

funds for 2021. I would like to say a special thank you to our funders who have continued to support our work and to our team and volunteers who have put themselves out there and just got on with things.

Stick together, stay safe and here is hoping for a brighter 2021.



Darren Bicknell – Chief Executive of the Belvoir Cricket & CountrysideTrust