BCCT In Numbers

Too many children and young people are physically inactive and drop out of sport as they get older. Engaging children early on is vital to building a sporting habit for life.

A person’s attitude towards sport is shaped by their experience as a child, and many people drop out of regular sport before they even reach the age of 14. School is key – a positive experience of sport at school can contribute to a lifetime of participation and a negative experience may narrow perceptions of sport and put someone off forever.

Cricket and other sports can help children build the skills and confidence needed for a healthy life, while developing personal and social wellbeing.

Only one in five children meet the Chief Medical Officer’s requirements of 60 minutes physical activity per day. They are even less likely to be active if they are a girl, ethnic minority or from a low socio-economic background.

Our 2022 Targets

  • Work with 25 schools to bring 1,600 children out to our Cricket & Countryside Days
  • Work with 50 mainstream and special schools
  • Work with 300 children with Special Needs
  • Get 350 children involved in community sport
  • Engage with over 3,200 young people
  • Reach 500 primary school children delivering curriculum cricket and basketball
  • Create opportunities for 50 volunteers generating over 600 hours of coaching time