BCCT’s mission is to encourage participation in cricket in rural communities and to create access to cricket and the countryside for disadvantaged young people. Our target groups are young people who want to play cricket and enjoy the countryside, adults who want to develop their coaching skills, and families that want to strengthen their community ties through sport.


Belvoir Cricket & Countryside Trust has four clear aims:

  • cs250Engaging young people and families living in rural communities in regularly playing and watching cricket; putting sport at the heart of the community. Our ‘cricket in rural communities’ programme, based on the successful Belvoir Bees’ model, delivers first class cricket coaching to young people. The programme is equally supportive of those seeking to develop sporting excellence and of those who want to just ‘have a go’ in a friendly, family oriented environment.
  • Creating access for disadvantaged young people to cricket and countryside activities. Our Cricket & Countryside Schools’ Days combine opportunities for disadvantaged school children to participate in sports such as cricket and orienteering with educational activities that introduce them to the working life of the countryside.
  • or250Encouraging adults to regularly participate in sport as volunteer cricket coaches. Our training programme for our volunteer coaches not only develops their cricket skills but equips them also with the coaching skills to deliver first class cricket coaching to young people.
  • Creating opportunities for disabled young people to participate in cricket and countryside activities. Our Disability Cricket and Countryside days combine opportunities for young people with both physical and learning difficulties to have an opportunity to learn and have a go at cricket and to take part in educational activities that introduce them to the working life of the countryside at the castle.