Volunteer Programme

  • Providing the opportunity for adults and young people to volunteer to enable them to actively contribute to their local community
  • Giving them focused skills training to meet the specific needs of the Trust’s projects
  • Giving volunteers clear responsibility to help coach and be actively involved with the development of children’s skills and enjoyment

2018 Outcomes

  • 50 volunteers delivered 771 volunteer hours
  • 22 volunteers helped on the Belvoir Bees cricket project
  • The Trust delivered a training workshop for our cricket volunteers to not only develop their knowledge of cricket but their communication and teaching skills and techniques
  • 17 volunteers helped out on our Cricket & Countryside Education days including the local gamekeeper and birds of prey keepers
  • 11 additional volunteers helped with fundraising, special events and administration such as child registration at sessions

2019 Aims

  • The Trust will continue to increase our volunteer network through communication and actively engaging with parents and the local community
  • We will assist in developing and nurturing members of local cricket clubs to become volunteers to enable those clubs to continue in the development of junior cricket
  • Expand our work with developing young people in taking their first steps on the coaching ladder

Our 2018 Volunteers were:

Cricket and Countryside
Richard Botterill
Ben Emptage
Ken Kirk
Josh Burton
John Holliday
John Mace
Kevin Chantry-Park
Harry Horton
Sophie Oliver
Rhi Clark
Martin James
Eddie Pearson
Susan Douglas
Rory Kerr
Mike Plum
Lady Sarah McCorquodale
John Shearon
Belvoir Bees
Mel Arnold
Rosie Arnold
Zac Atkins
Joc Boles
Chris Dickinson
Oliver Foulds
Conrad Gray
Steve Harper
Luke Harrison
Martin James
Rory Kerr
Ken Kirk
John Mace
Claire Marris
Paul Martin
Jemima Nambo
Dave Pearce
James Rothwell
Paul Rumford
Nathan Sunderland
Nikki Tansley
Ross Wild
Claire Bicknell
Wendy Brown
Michael Cooke
David Penfold
Phil Burtt
Andy Dann
Caroline Rayson
Kate Bygott
Andy Mitchell
Graeme Swann
Nick Morgan