Volunteer Programme

Developing young people and local adults by giving them focused training and opportunities to volunteer to contribute to their local communities.

2019 Outcomes

  • 61 volunteers delivered 593 volunteer hours
  • 21 volunteers worked on the Belvoir Bees cricket project
  • 24 volunteers worked on our Cricket & Countryside Education Days including the local gamekeeper and birds of prey keepers
  • 5 volunteers worked on our new basketball projects
  • 11 additional volunteers help with fundraising, special events and administration such as child registration at sessions

2020 Targets

  • Reach over 3,300 young people
  • 1,800 children attending our Cricket & Countryside Days
  • Reach over 350 children with Special Needs
  • Work with over 40 mainstream and Special Schools and over 100 teachers
  • To give over 300 children in rural communities and socially deprived areas of Melton and Grantham the opportunity to participate in out-of-school sport at 10 venues
  • Reach over 800 primary children delivering curriculum cricket and basketball
  • Work with over 60 volunteers generating over 600 hours of coaching time
  • Reach over 1,500 girls, special needs, low socio-economic, and ethnic minority children