What We Do

We aim to reach and influence over 4,000 young people including 1,500 girls, special needs, low socio-economic, and ethnic minority children through our programs which are listed below:

The challenges we address
Too many children and young people are physically inactive and drop out of sport as they get older. Engaging children early on is vital to building a sporting habit for life.
Cricket and other sports can help children build the skills and confidence needed for a healthy life, while developing personal and social wellbeing. New research emerging links sport to children’s happiness and confidence so the work the Trust does is vital to young people’s development.
Only 1 in 5 children meet the Chief Medical Officer’s requirements of 60 minutes physical activity per day.They are even less likely to be activeif they are a girl, ethnic minority or from a low socio-economic background.

Our Programs:

  • Primary School Curriculum & After-School Clubs Programme
  • Teach Cricket and Basketball
  • Belvoir Bees Cricket
  • Belvoir Bees Basketball Programme
  • Cricket & Countryside Education Days
  • Special Needs Schools Programme
  • Multi Sports & Countryside Holiday Scheme
  • Volunteer Programme